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Spent my evening being a boring adult

Worked out for a half hour, cooked a healthy meal (turkey chili) paid bills and updated my calendar. Now, I'm going to go to bed ridiculously early to make up for the Monday's impromptu par-tay night at Landmark. YAWN!

Parties, Friends, Knitting

Despite Jim being gone this weekend, I had a great time. Friday, we had our normal shenanigans (bowling, dinner, Newman''s house) and it was fun. I missed having Xtina there though!

I spend Saturday baking cookies for the "Fuck Summer" party thrown by Jason, Gretchen, Newman and Sarah. I met lots of cool people, had some tasty sips and apparently, fell asleep on the deck. :)

I was a tad hung over today, but managed to do a few chores that needed to be done (laundry, vacuuming, etc.)I had an early dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's place. Uncle Joe made baked ziti! It was the cheesiest ziti evah, but oh so delish. I saved room for cake and coffee though. I got to play with their new puppy, Lady. she's a lab and is ADORABLE as most puppies are. Well-behaved too, although she kept trying to paw at my dress. Should have worn shorts or pants!

After dinner, I headed to Caribou Coffee to knit with Grace and her sisters, Robin and Mel. Grace is really talented, so I brought a lace scarf with me that had gotten messed up to see if she could help. She pointed out that the scarf wasn't as in bad condition as I thought and gave me some suggestions on fixing it. I def felt better about it and look forward to picking up that project again.

Like everyone else on earth, I'm def not ready for work tomorrow. But, I have a lot to look forward to, including tomorrow's dinner/drinks with Katy, Cary and Sarah. Then, I have the Italian American Women's Club on Tuesday. Hopefully time will go by quickly - Jim should be home on Thursday or Friday!


Man, Saturday mornings suck when Jim's not here. I do have a full day ahead of me though. Jennifer is coming over for lunch and then I have the Canes game tonight with Joe and Xtina.

I left my Wii Fit game at Newman's so I didn't do my normal workout, but I discovered that I could get exercise vids on demand from Netflix! I kind of picked one at random and it was def too tough. I got rid of that one and tried one geared towards beginners. I did a nice ab workout and some "power" stretching. It sucks having to look at a woman with an impossibly perfect body while working out, but I feel pretty good about it. Might use this vid tomorrow morning as well.

I'd better shower and straighten up before Jenn gets here. DON'T JUDGE ME BY MY MESSY HOUSE!!!!

I Don't Get It

I still don't understand why my Democrat-leaning friends like this Health Care bill so much. It doesn't actually address "health care" at all. In fact, it seems like more of a bailout of the insurance companies. If you don't have insurance through your job, the bill FORCES you to buy from one of the very same evil insurance companies that have been screwing over patients and doctors alike for years. I thought the evil insurance companies were the enemy? Sure, insurance companies will be forced to stop denying coverage, but do you really think they won't pass those additional costs onto the consumer? I mean, does anyone REALLLY think that this is going to end up being cheaper for anyone? It's fiscally impossible. We'll end up paying more in taxes AND we'll end up paying more to the insurance companies. No one benefits from this, except for the health insurance companies.

In other news, I hate Sabres fans. I mean, I really just don't like them at all. Stop ruining my hockey experiences.



May as well do an update

Most of you all already know, but it SNOWED in Raleigh this weekend. I mean, REALLY snowed! It was pretty impressive, and of course, everything was shut down and it was hard to go anywhere. It was a def a cabin fever weekend, but it forced us to get a lotof stuff done.

Probably the biggest disappointment was not being able to see the Canes vs. Blackhawks game at the RBC Center. Luckily, josephowens lives pretty close by, so we were able to at least get to his house to watch the game. We stopped at a local pizza joint along the way. They were MAD busy. Even though we had called in our pizza, we still had to wait a good 30 minutes. No big deal though. The pizza was tasty and the Canes played a great game, beating the Blackhawks 4-2.

We ventured out to the grocery store today and have pretty much been cooking most of the day. Jim made chicken salad for our lunches. I'm cooking Potato-Crab chowder in the slow-cooker. Might make some cookies later, we shall see.

Good Start to 2010

The Tab 'n Times Costume Ball may not have been as 'costume-y" as I would have liked, but we all had a great time and I was just happy to wear my awesomepurple 60's coat dress. It was awesome!Everyone had a good time drinking Tab 'n Times and boom Boom shots.

The first of the year was kind of a blur,as Jim and I were just SOOO tired from the night before. We woke up, cleaned, drank tea with Charlene and Chris, watched the Winter Classic (which,unfortunately, wasn't a very exciting game) and ate yummy Manicotti at Aunt Rose and Uncle Joe's place.

Yesterday was a bit more productive. We paid bills (yay?), FINALLY got our kitchen table, bowled and played a mean game of poker. I miss my $10 (DAMN YOU NEWMAN!), but money well spent.

Today I bought some new make-up from Ulta. Then,I noticed that DSW was having a clearance sale (WOOT!) and I bought a cute pairof red heels for only 19 bucks! Since Jim is actually going to be in town all week,we planned our meals for the next few days. today we're having italian sausage and peppers with rice. It's cooking in the slow cooker now and smells awesome. I'm also going to make some garlic bread. Jim is putting together my dresser. This is the first dresser I have owned since college! I can't wait to have a place to put my jeans and sweaters!

I think I'm gonna waste some time playing online poker for a bit. Sucks that we have to go back to work tomorrow, but them's the breaks!

Happy New Year! RESOLUTIONS!

Here we go! How did I do on my resolutions this year???

~Live a more active lifestyle. This means going to the gym more, walking/biking to work since I live closer now. I really don't have any excuses to work out more.

I was doing really well at this until I closed on my house, got married and switched jobs near the end of the year. I'm gonna say I have halvies on this.

~Be a better fiancee/wife to Jim. :)

I'm a great wife! I think Jim will agree.... ;)

~Have the best wedding ever!

CHECK! I had SOOO much fun at my wedding, it was ridiculous! I have the best family and freinds!

~Have the best honeymoon ever!

Charleston was GREAT, I just wish we could have stayed longer!

~Go rafting in Nanahala.

fail. :( We'll try again in 2010.

~Knit something I haven't knit before.

2009 wasn'tthe year for knitting for me. I was way too busy and distracted with wedding plans, but I DID knit a coffee mitt, something I hadn't made before. So, this was a WIN!

~Write everyday. Even if it's just a haiku or sometheeeng.


4.5 out of 7. Not too bad, considering. It was quite an eventful year for me! Jim and I got married, I switched jobs AND we bought a townhouse! It was hectic, but fabulous at the same time. I hope that 2010 will bring some adventure, but remain calmer otherwise. ;)

Here are my resolutions for 2010:

~Do something active everyday, even if it's just a few minutes on the Wii Fit.

~Be more crafty, knit, but also try other crafts.

~Go rafting on the Nantahala.


~Do the US1 road trip with my husband. We've been talking aboutit for so long!

~Take at least one class, on SOMETHEEEENG.

~ Start counting calories again. That actually works for me when trying to lose weight, I just have to keepit up.

~Audition for the Storm Squad.
It's really great when you meet people that you think are awesome from afar and then they end up being awesome in person too. I've been on Cloud 9 since meeting my favorite goalie, Cam Ward. Go Canes!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! There is so much to be thankful for this year. I'm thankful for my husband, I'm thankful for my wonderful freinds and family who supported me and Jim through this crazy year. I'm thankful for my job. I'm thankful for technology because it amazes me everyday. I'm thankful for the golfers that were out on the golf course this morning even though the fog was so dense, I could barely see 5 ft in front of me. That's DEDICATION! I'm also thankful that the Lowes was open and had fresh italian bread available. I'm thankful for all of my new kitchen stuff, which made making pies easier. :)

Tomorrow is the big move!

Jim and I have been moving all week, but tomorrow will be the final push!

Things I will miss about living in Oakwood:

-Beautiful, old houses
-Close proximity to downtown
-Sitting on the front porch
-Hardwood floors (easier to take car of, IMO)
-Great meeting location for Canes Games, downtown bar-hopping.
-Proximity to Krispy Kreme

Things I will NOT miss about living here:

-Almost getting killed at the Bloodworth/Franklin St intersection nearly every morning. (VERY poor visibility at that intersection)
-The parking lot at the Harris Teeter.
-Awkward living room.
-No counter space in kitchen.
-Peace St. traffic (although, I'm sure that will be replaced with some other hellish traffic)
-Streets around neighborhood often closed for races and marathons

Living here has been great, but it's def time to go. Goodbye,Oakwood!